I am not a robot! Our time together will be centered in real human interaction.



I focus on helping my clients increase their experiences of well-being.

I work with the understanding that our bodies are inseparable from our minds and emotions.


I work with the knowledge that the familial and social systems you navigate influence your experience.


I strive to collaborate with you to ensure the work we do feels safe and right and is rooted in consent.

Therapy sounds scary!

I know!


It may help to know that you don't have to "know" anything, and you can never "do therapy wrong." Your body's innate wisdom will take you everywhere you need to go, and I will be there to guide, support and hold your experience with you.


All of life is always moving toward healing. The cut on your hand magically scabs and turns back into skin. The tree cut off at its base sprouts new shoots. The bird with the broken wing. And, you.


So what's somatics, anyway?

Somatics is a broad field that recognizes the inseparable connection between our bodies, minds and emotions.

The somatic work I do focuses on the nervous system as the regulator and mediator of our experiences of our self and the outside world. Based on what might be needed, in any moment we may be moving toward facilitating a sense of safety in your body or exploring and discovering what lies in their depths.

Through illuminating the shadows that quietly run our thoughts, feelings and actions, we uncover greater ability to be connected to ourselves through Life's jaw-dropping beauty, gut-wrenching pain, and the infinite complexity of everything in between.


        I honor the tremendous pains and traumas -- both physical and invisible, both present and past -- that are a result of systems of power that do not center the health, happiness and sovereignty of all the beings of this Earth.

        I live and work on Coast Salish territories.