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Falling might very well be flying –
without the tyranny of coordinates.

-Bayo Akomolafe

About Me

Hi. It's good to see you!

Perhaps you'd like to know that I arrive in this moment with you through the transformation of my own pain and difficulties. There was a time that I couldn't imagine a way out of them. But in following hints that whispered that feeling better might be possible, I began the lifelong process of reconnecting with my body and all the wisdom, power and healing that lie within it. The magic of that journey sparked a fire in me to help guide others on their own complicated passages through pain toward making life feel more easeful. I know that journey from the inside out!

Image of Natalia Oncina, Somatic Therapist with pink poppies in the background

The somatic healing odyssey I embarked on led me to train and become certified in Bowenwork as well as in yoga. Eventually, I attended the Somatic Psychology Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, where I received my Masters. During my time in the Bay Area, I also trained in Hakomi at the Hakomi Institute of California. I am a lover of all the aliveness of Earth: the physiology of emotion as well as the incredible growth and healing capacities of the natural world heavily influence my work.

Image of a hand holding purple and green pole beans

LMHCA #61301338

Supervised by Jeremy Hulley, LMHC, SEP

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